Hygienic Toilet Roll 2 Ply

A hygienic toilet roll, specifically a 2-ply toilet roll, is a sanitary and essential product used in bathrooms for personal hygiene. It is designed to provide a clean and comfortable way to wipe oneself after using the toilet. 

A 2-ply toilet roll consists of two layers of tissue paper that are bonded together. These layers are typically made from soft and absorbent materials, such as recycled paper, virgin pulp, or a combination of both.

The two layers of tissue provide a softer and more comfortable feel compared to single-ply toilet paper, making it more gentle on the skin during use. The added thickness and cushioning can enhance the overall user experience.

The two layers of toilet paper increase its strength and durability, reducing the likelihood of tearing or disintegrating while in use. This durability is especially important to prevent any accidental contact with the hands.

 2-ply toilet paper is designed to be highly absorbent, efficiently wicking away moisture to leave the user feeling clean and dry. This absorbency is essential for its primary function.

 Hygienic toilet rolls are produced under strict quality control measures to ensure that they meet sanitary standards. They are designed to be safe for contact with sensitive areas of the body and should not contain any harmful chemicals or irritants.

2-ply toilet rolls come in various packaging options, from single rolls to multi-roll packs. Some are individually wrapped for extra hygiene and convenience, while others are sold in bulk packages for cost-effectiveness.

Brand Name Sheet Per Roll Roll Per Beg Packing Bag Per Carton
Phoenix 200 8 12
Hiba 350 10 10
Phoenix T.R 200 meter 1 12
400 meter 1 6

Soft, Strong and high absorbant.
Quickly decomposes in septic tank.