Phoenix Kitchen Roll

  • 2ply Kitchen Towel: A Great Bulk Buy Bundle Perfect For All Essential Kitchen / Bathroom / Garage / Office / Workplace Tasks.
  • Multipurpose: The Unique Pattern is Designed to Trap and Lift All Kinds of Mess.
  • Quilted: Each Phoenix Sheet is Quilted and Laminated. The Perforated Lines Allow for Easy Separation.
  • Great Value: Superb Value Pack, Perfect For Every Household Budget.
  • Made in the UK: Phoenix is Proudly Manufactured in the UK. Each Purchase Helps to Support the Local Economy.
  • Strength: This kitchen towel is engineered for exceptional strength. Whether you're tackling stubborn spills or heavy-duty cleaning, our towel can handle it all. Its reinforced fibres are designed to endure the toughest tasks, making it a reliable companion in your kitchen, meal after meal.
  • Durability: We understand the importance of a durable kitchen towel, and that's why our  Towel is crafted with durability in mind. Manufactured from high-quality materials, this kitchen towel can withstand any kind of usage and perform excellently.
  • Absorbency: Our kitchen towel's is a game-changer. Innovative technology allows it to soak up spills, drips, and condensation with ease, leaving surfaces dry and spotless in no time. You can trust it to handle everything from drying dishes to wiping down countertops, all while maintaining its absorbent prowess.
  • This versatile kitchen towel is also incredibly soft, ensuring it won't scratch or damage delicate surfaces. The Towel is perfect for both home cooks and professional chefs alike.
  • With its impeccable blend of strength, durability, and absorbency, this kitchen towel is bound to become your most indispensable kitchen companion. Say goodbye to other towels and embrace the kitchen essential that's designed to exceed your expectations.
Brand Name Roll Size Roll Per Bag Packing Bag Per Carton
Phoenix 23 x 20 cm 2 Rolls 24

.Necessary for your kitchen to absorb water & oil.